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Today’s Question is: How do I conduct a Title Search? First of all, you can’t. Whatever your methods are, they won’t substitute for a title search done by a title company. However, you can get an idea of the titles and liens associated with the property by using a completely free resource: your county’s reorder’s office. In many counties, the recorder’s office will list online records of properties. If it’s not online, you can physically go to your county’s recorder’s office and view the documents there.

While doing this, BE CAREFUL, make sure that each document associated with a property is active. For example is you see that there is a deed associated with a property as well as satisfaction of mortgage document, then these documents do nothing for you because those liens were paid off. Long story short: you can do some basic title research yourself, however it is absolutely not a substitute for a professional title search that you need to get done before you commit to any deal.

Marko Rubel is a seasoned real estate investor with 20 years of investing experience. He is a master of creative financing strategies used by professional investors. Marko is a selected expert on subject of “Foreclosure Investing” in front of the National Real Estate Investors Association, which represents over 40,000 investors nationwide. He was also nominated in prestigious “Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals”.

As a renowned expert, he has been a guest speaker at more than 100 real estate conferences and investor events. Marko has been invited to the local FOX, ABC, and NBC TV stations to talk about real estate.

His book “Invest in Real Estate WITHOUT Banks” was a #1 Bestseller in 9 categories on Amazon.

Marko was a boxing champion of Croatia, but moved to U.S. looking for a better life. He arrived with less than $3,000 in his pocket, and without even speaking English. When he started investing in Real Estate, he was destined to fail because his credit was non-existent and he had no money. He turned his destiny around by discovering and perfecting the strategies that leverage other people’s credit. After a few hundred successful transactions, he perfected the system of buying without banks.

If you want to buy properties without using your credit, talking to lenders or jeopardizing your savings, learn from Marko. His reputation and teachings go beyond the regular “get-rich-quick” hype that is overwhelmingly present in the real estate investing education world.

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