What Are Those “WE BUY HOUSES” Signs?

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In this video I talk about those we buy houses signs or bandit signs that you see on the side of the road.

1. For starters, these we buy houses signs are put up usually by newer real estate investors who are looking for real estate leads from motivated sellers that want to sell fast without using a real estate agent.

2. The idea with these signs is that if the real estate investor or wholesaler gets 10 calls from these signs there might be one or two good leads that they can work with.

3. These signs are cheap and easy to purchase online and are actually a good starting marketing strategy for beginner real estate investors on a budget.

4. Always check with your county regulations though to make sure they are legal.

5. If you are serious about flipping houses you would map out on google maps the top 25 places where your signs should go each week and then outsource the process so that you can focus on adding other real estate marketing channels.

6. You can also consider partnering with other companies that put out we buy houses signs and bandit signs including fitness companies, we buy gold companies, and anyone else that is putting up signs.

Bottom line if you are getting into real estate investing the bandit sign marketing strategy or we buy houses cash signs are worth a try to get motivated seller leads. Just keep in mind you need to put up a minimum of 25 – 50 each month to actually get real estate leads.

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Thank you for watching this video on the we buy houses signs and get out there and start marketing!

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